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Entering APO or FPO Military Addresses
To make sure your package gets to its destination, follow these instructions for entering a military address.
Address field
For Army, Navy and Marines: Enter Unit Number and Box Number.
For Ships: Enter Ship Name and Hull Number. For Air Force: Enter PSC Number and Box Number.
Address Line 2 field
Enter optional military command or organization name (e.g., USAG J or 2/566 Postal Co.).City field
Enter APO or FPO. Note: We cannot ship to city codes other than APO or FPO for military shipments.
State field
Select one of the following:
AA – Armed Forces AmericaAE – Armed Forces Europe, Middle East, Africa and CanadaAP – Armed Forces Pacific

We suggest entering the phone number of a family member or friend who is stateside. Our system does not accept international numbers. Correct FormatCPT John DoeUnit 45013 Box 2666USAG JAPO AP 96338

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
We take great care to adequately assess the needs of our customers and to educate them thoroughly. We guarantee that our technicians are:
Technically trained on an ongoing basisWell versed in repairing and servicing all makes and modelsWell trained to deliver our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Staff
Following our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee promise, our staff will help you with your specific information needs on our equipment and supplies. They will be technically trained on an ongoing basis to stay up to date.

Delivery & Shipping
We ship all of our products in their original boxes and crates to ensure their safe arrival at your place of business. Estimated delivery dates can be calculated with our shipping estimate application at checkout. We do our best to ship all products within 24-48 hours.

As Duta Printingdipri team we are always ready to help our clients. We offer question's for equipment purchases. If you would like to get more information please email us on purchasing@dutaprinting.com

Worldwide Shipping
We are pleased to provide an enhanced international shopping experience for customers in over 100 countries, with support for many more coming soon. As you shop internationally, we'll only show you items that ship to your country.

Shipment Available
Air freight Delivery estimate for 3 - 5 work days Ocean / Sea freight Delivery estimate for 11 - 14 days

Drop Ship
We available for Drop shopping . We will drop ship and send you tracking of all shipment to your clients.

Shipping to Multiple Addresses
Can I ship items in the same order to multiple addresses?
If you order two or more different items, you can choose separate shipping addresses and shipping methods for each. During checkout, specify the shipping address and method for each item.
If you want to ship multiple quantities of the same item to separate shipping addresses, you'll need to place separate orders.

Shipping To a Military Address - APO/FPO
Most items on dutaprint.com can be shipped to APO or FPO addresses. Standard shipping is the only option available for APO or FPO addresses. Shipping to an APO or FPO address may be limited or restricted. The following items do not qualify:
Scheduled delivery items, such as large appliancesLarge or heavy itemsItems containing hazardous materials, such as lithium batteriesItems or item categories not allowed due to USPS restrictionsIf an item cannot be shipped to an APO or FPO address, we'll let you know after you have entered the shipping information.

Shipping Times
Some items shipped to APO and FPO addresses will be received within 7 business days. However, most orders take up to 14 business days. Orders containing older movies and music titles may take up to 30 business days.